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There is a global shortage of AI and data specialists which is making it difficult for recruiters to find the talent they need. But don’t despair! The Office for Students recognised this and funded universities to develop a suite of postgraduate courses in Data Science and AI and provides scholarships to enhance the diversity of learners. This included Institute of Coding university partners who have been working towards bridging the data skills gap since 2017 to increase the talent available to your industry.

Many of our students are looking for roles within the industry and your position could be their next adventure! To read more about the support available to your business and how to tap into our Talent Pool, download our e-book using the form below.

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What is this guide?

We’ve written this free guide with Recruiters in mind. We’ve surveyed businesses across the UK to create an engaging industry programme where recruiters can access our student talent pool to add untapped talent to their team or their client’s team.

We’ve compiled everything you need into one helpful, actionable guide that discusses what our students can achieve for your business/client’s business and how to engage with them.

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