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Giving your business access to the UK’s top student talent for Data Analysis, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence needs.

How our students can help your business:

  • Cost-effective way of accessing new talent and bringing in new ideas
  • Gives access to a diverse employment pool
  • Gives you the ability to train potential employees
  • Allows students to show themselves as a good prospect for future employment. This gives you the opportunity to extend their trial period which can potentially lower recruitments costs after they have graduated
  • Enabling your staff to use and develop their mentoring and managerial skills
  • Driving new ideas in an area where you have identified a skills gap
  • Reduces the pressure on existing workforce
  • Expand diversity and inclusion within the team

How a student can add value to your project:

  • It’s a low cost and low risk way of getting a project done or an idea started, especially if you are struggling with resources
  • You gain a creative, highly skilled and fresh approach
  • You are involved with and have access to high-quality cutting edge researchers
  • Access to specialists at the University with an abundance of industry and research experience
  • Ability to gain access to the latest research and industry trends

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