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Do you have a project you would like our students to undertake?

Submit a project for our data science and AI students to work on.

If you have data science or AI projects that need expertise but don’t want to commit to a permanent position, you could consider giving a project to one of our learners. As a business, you can work closely with the university partners to set up a project that can benefit your business. For example, testing the viability of an AI product; or testing new algorithms.

The learner will be supervised by academics, bringing even more expertise to bear on the problem.  It’s also possible to have multiple learners working on a single project if it is beneficial to see multiple potential solutions. The projects can be small and completed very quickly, or more substantial projects that may take months for learners to deliver.

To submit your project for review, please use the form below and a member of our Talent Team will be in touch.

Or to learn more about how to access and utilise the skills of our students, download our e-book, sign up to access our talent pool or get in touch today!

Submit your project brief to our students

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Brief Form

Use the contact form below and our Talent Team will be in touch shortly!

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