Beth’s Story

“I’m a music enthusiast from Bristol. Before doing the Data Science MSc, I had worked in several quite non-specific business roles.”

I felt that my career needed more direction and I’m a music enthusiast from Bristol. Before doing the Data Science MSc, I had worked in several quite non-specific business roles.

I wanted to obtain some tangible skills that would lead me down a more technical path. I was lucky to get a job as a Junior Data Analyst shortly before starting my MSc, hoping to get on track to becoming a Data Scientist. 

I had considered doing a Masters before, but I could not justify the cost of it. Women are already disadvantaged by the gender pay gap, and the thought of having to finance study seemed like a really daunting and scary thing. I was very lucky to stumble upon an article on Google about the bursary for the MSc, it seemed like fate when I read about it as the course covered everything I was planning on teaching myself. I was very fortunate to be accepted as a scholarship student, and am so pleased with the journey I am now on. The bursary has been fantastic as it has allowed me the choice and freedom to study without the financial stress of fees.

I have really enjoyed the practical elements of the course, where we have had the chance to do coding and put our learning directly to use. Every time we covered something I felt as though it was another box ticked for my CV, and it gave me confidence that I would be able to apply my learning in a work scenario. The main challenge for me has been time management. I work full time, as well as completing my MSc part time. 

My employer is amazing at allowing flexible working, so I have been able to attend my lectures. Being so busy with a job and studying has meant that I’ve not been able to fully engage with every single thing offered by the course, which has been a shame. My advice for anyone thinking of applying for the same position is to not stress too much about this, but to think about what elements of each module are most relevant to you and what skills you want to get out of each module, and really apply yourself to these. I’ve learned over the last year that you can’t do everything, so it’s really important to prioritise.

The MSc has already been fantastic for my career, I was promoted to Data Scientist very recently, much of which was as a result of all the new skills I’d picked up from the course. Many women I know suffer from imposter syndrome and are plagued with self-doubt. If you are thinking of applying and think you can’t do it, ignore that voice in your head. You can definitely do it.

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